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Pregnant couple"New Baby" Cleaning Services

Maid American Style is proud to present a new house cleaning service and maid service …Introducing our New Baby Cleaning Service designed for pregnant women or pregnant mothers, infants and toddlers in the VA / DC area.

When you're welcoming a new baby into your family, it can seem like your to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer. But Maid American Style can give you a hand, helping tackle some of those chores so you can focus on more important things. Offering new baby cleaning services and maid services, we can make certain your home is clean and ready to welcome your baby home. And with our in-home diaper service, we can help simplify your life once your little one is home. Let Maid American Style make bringing baby home as simple as possible. Multiple locations to serve you (Manassas, Springfield VA, Alexandria VA, Woodbridge VA, Lorton VA, Vienna VA, Clifton VA, Vienna VA and DC).

Labor & Delivery Cleaning Package

Whether it's your first child or your third, you want to bring your newborn home to the cleanest, safest environment possible. That's why Maid American Style offers our labor & delivery cleaning package. We'll take care of cleaning your home from top to bottom while you're at the hospital, making sure your house is ready when you're ready to come home.

We'll deep-clean each room of your home with our safe, completely nontoxic green cleaning techniques. This not only helps your floors, furniture, and fixtures shine but also helps protect your new baby from both the health hazards that can lurk in a dirty home as well as the dangerous VOCs and other chemicals found in traditional cleaning products.

Whether the housecleaning chores have been neglected for the last few weeks as your pregnancy progressed or you just want to ensure your home is as clean as possible, our house cleaners are ready to serve you. For a safe clean you can trust, Maid American Style is the cleaning service to call for top-quality new baby cleaning services.

Bed Rest Cleaning Service

Expecting mother on bed rest reads a book.In most instances, pregnant women are placed on bed rest due to complications in their pregnancy or due to past medical history.  Bed rest can range from a couple of weeks or throughout your entire pregnancy.

  • Reasons for bed rest may include:
  • Premature labor
  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Multiples
  • History of pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or premature birth
  • Poor fetal development
  • Gestational diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cervical Issues

Nevertheless, one thing is for certain, expecting mother’s placed on bed rest should refrain from any tedious work around the house.  Maid American Style is here to help you during this important time in your life to assist in making your lifestyle more comfortable for you and your entire family.

Fresh Diaper Package Laundry Service

Smiling baby crawls as parents look onMore and more new moms are choosing cloth diapers for their babies. But who wants to deal with that mess?! At Maid American Style, we offer in-home diaper service to make using cloth diapers more convenient, affordable, and easier than ever.

Our in-home diaper service works just like a regular diaper service, except that we launder your baby's diapers right in your home. And unlike many other diaper services, Maid American Style doesn't require a contract of any kind! Offered as an add-on to our other maid services, our in-home diaper service is available at the super-affordable rate of just $15 per load (washed, dried, and folded).

Don't let the hassle of washing cloth diapers dissuade you from making the right choice for your baby and our planet. Our diaper service lets you choose cloth diapers without the fuss. Contact us today for additional information about in-home diaper service from Maid American Style and your diaper washing needs!