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Photo of lady inspecting laundered clothingLaundry Service

Maid American Style offers laundry and ironing services at $8.00 per load for washing, drying, folding and placement. What a small price to pay for extra time and comfort spending this valuable time doing what you enjoy the most. Whenever you feel helpless looking at that gigantic pile of laundry piles (2, 3, and 4 loads) that continues to climb at home while you begin to agonize as you discover there is just no time to complete the daunting chore of laundry cleaning chores. Well we are here to tell you not to fret.  Maid American Style will come to your rescue.

Now you can simply seek help from Maid American Style workers. With Maid American Style laundry and linen services at your doorstep, you can bid your worries goodbye and ease some stress of doing chores in your daily routine. Our laundry service includes washing, drying and even folding your clothes.  Our cleaning experts ensure that clothes and such items are cleaned and dried at the right temperature to avoid any shrinkage or damage to your fabric. We are reliable, fast, affordable and dependable; and offer quality service regardless of your load requirements. It is easy to contact us for these Residential laundry services through telephones or email. We promise to deliver you a timely and prompt response.

Photograph of an iron with steam coming outIroning Service

Get in touch with Maid American Style’s ironing services when you want your clothes clean and wrinkle free. The cost of ironing service is determined separately based on the item. Apart from regular laundry services, our company offers complete ironing servicess no matter what the volume. Among residential laundry services, Maid American Style scores high because we are very organized and professional in our ironing service approach. We take special care in keeping your clothes free from any damage due to exposure to heat or chemicals. Our workers are extremely meticulous to read carefully through all washing and ironing instructions in your garments prior to starting. If you want to avoid spending long hours getting your clothes ironed, contact Maid American Style and you will never have to wear crumpled clothes again. Hire our services to get your work done by experts and simultaneously enjoy hassle-free services at reasonable rates.

When we provide you with ironing services, you can rely on us for undamaged, wrinkle-free clothing. We take the time to read all tags for suggested iron heat and take care to not scorch or harm your clothes in anyway. At Maid American Style, our meticulous ironing service means the end to choosing between hours of slaving over the iron or wearing crumpled clothing! Let us help you and your family look your best: contact us now for professional, hassle-free laundry and ironing services.