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Services - Junk Removal


Trash Removal


Trash removal is never a worry with Maid American Style professionals. We have a dedicated team of junk removal experts and are available at all times for junk removal, trash outs, cleanups, trash outs on foreclosed properties, property or preservation services and post construction clean-up. Our trash out professionals are experienced with working with Property Managers, Realtors and real estate agents, home owners and post-construction job sites. Among the many garbage cleaning companies, our junk removal service have trash haulers that can remove your old household appliances and debris wherever they are located. When you hire our trash cleaning services we will move your trash from it’s current location to our vehicle. So relax and don’t stress about moving your personal items to the curb! Our junk removal business is known for the customer service in hauling away various waste.

At Maid American Style, we're here to make trash removal easy. When you call our pros, you don't even have to move your garbage to the curb! Our trash haulers can collect your old appliances and other debris right where it is, providing you the utmost convenience and service. And because we take just about every type of waste, our junk removers can clean up practically any construction site, estate, foreclosure, or other mess. Maid American Style can haul away:

  • Can remove any scrap, junk or trash through environment-friendly means.
  • Unwanted furniture items, scraps or post construction debris can be cleared easily
  • Junk removal from any place be it the attic or basement
  • Amiable and professional workers ensure excellent customer service
  • Focus on saving both the client money and time. Reporting on time and provide reporting information to and from site
  • Pay commensurate with the load, a free quote is provided to the customer prior to the work
  • Can dispose any kind of trash whether it is unwanted furniture pieces or accumulate debris
  • The service is efficient, affordable and effective and most importantly eco-friendly


Foreclosure Cleanouts

Foreclosures today are compelling as many people are forced to leave their homes and during such times there is perhaps no better service to turn to other than the affordable service of Maid American Style, your answer to junk removal in Northern Virginia, D.C or Maryland. Our trash removal service helps to restore properties to marketable states by cleaning them and eliminating all the trash in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible. We provide services to Real Estate agents for trash outs on REO properties. You cannot sell a home until it looks as good as new, and to help you make your property such you have to make sure all the mess is cleared. We can offer you ready quotes on real estate cleanup charges. So the next time you feel burdened by the thought of cleaning up the debris that is threatening to take over your house, simply get in touch with Maid American Style household cleaning experts.

Junk Hauling

When years of old furniture and debris are threatening to take over your home, when you're facing the sad task of clearing out an elderly relative's estate, when you simply have too much garbage to handle on your own, that's when you need to call in our experts. Maid American Style can remove trash large and small, and no amount of refuse is too much. So whether you need us to haul off one truckload or seven, we can help you make your trash problem a thing of the past.