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Services - Commercial

Full-Service Business / Commercial Office Cleaning Services, Janitorial Services, Alexandria VA, Arlington VA, Manassas, Woodbridge, Springfield VA, DC

Maid American Style has been providing quality cleaning services for commercial, retail, office, janitorial and floor care services to the greater Metro DC area (Virginia, D.C & Maryland).  From our experience, we have been able to build an extensive industry knowledge base - from Commercial office buildings, Warehouse Cleaning and Industrial Facilities to Retail outlets, Restaurant cleaning  and Medical/Dental Facilities, Maid American Style can design a customized commercial cleaning or janitorial service package to fit any clients' needs.

A clean commercial and office space can make all the difference in the success of your business. From adhering to health code regulations to creating a safe working environment to welcoming customers with a clean, fresh look, keeping your office or shop sparkling can keep your company on track. Maid American Style provides efficient, effective office cleaning service in northern Virginia, and we're available to put our commercial cleaning, facility management and office cleaning expertise to work for you. Unlike commercial cleaners that only do the bare minimum, our commercial cleaning and office cleaning professionals go above and beyond to provide you with the most thorough, complete business cleaning service around. And with our free estimates and affordable prices, you don't have anything to lose! Call our licensed, bonded, and insured office cleaning and commercial cleaning contractors to experience the Maid American Style cleaning difference today.

Whether you manage a corporate office building or own a small business, our business office or commercial cleaning services can help keep your commercial or office space looking its absolute best. Maid American Style is pleased to provide superior office cleaning services to companies large and small.

Multiple locations to serve you in Manassas, VA, Arlington VA, Woodbridge VA, Springfield, VA, Vienna VA, Alexandria VA, Clifton VA, Burke, Lorton, Fairfax, Vienna, Reston, and Washington DC.  We serve the Northern Virginia Area and DC.

Personalized Commercial & Office Cleaning

At Maid American Style, we believe that every business cleaning service should be tailored to suit your specific office and commercial cleaning needs. Unlike office cleaning contractors that only offer set packages or specific tasks, we're pleased to present you with a full range of options customized to suit your office and your particular cleaning needs. Our estimates include a full on-site survey, giving us the chance to see your commercial space and discuss your needs and concerns. Maid American Style then presents you with a personalized office or commercial cleaning proposal outlining how our professional cleaners would address your specific office cleaning services. When you want quality cleaning services that really does revolve around you, you need to call our team of commercial & office cleaning contractors today!

In-Depth Office Cleaning Services

We're committed to helping you get your office or commercial space cleaned from top to bottom. At Maid American Style, our office cleaners provide a huge range of options to tackle every area of your office or retail space. From window cleaning to carpet cleaning to all of the routine dusting, sweeping, and mopping, we're here to make maintaining a fresh, clean commercial, restaurant or commercial building easy and hassle-free. All of our cleaning services can be tailored to fit your needs and budget, but here is a list of common tasks we perform for area businesses:

Maid American Style would like to be part of your organization by providing your place of business with a clean, pleasant, professional image. We understand that the appearance of a business is just the beginning of the type of quality service your clients can expect to receive. Together, we grow as a team.

All-Purpose Office Cleanings

Sweep/Vacuum/Mop entire floor areas

Wipe down all cabinets, shelving and doors

Dust/Clean/Wipe table surfaces & legs

Dust ledges, sills and other flat surfaces

Clean all mirrors and frames

Clean fingerprints from walls, doors & handrails

Clean door framing top to bottom

Clean & vacuum office chairs

Clean off light fixtures, baseboards, etc

Sanitize all office chairs

Clean and sanitize water fountains

Dust high fixtures (ie. ceiling vents & fans)

Dust artificial plants

Wipe smudges & dust from baseboards

Dust all vertical surfaces of desks, cabinets, etc

Clean countertops, tables & chairs

Sanitize/Clean office equipment

Dust any window blinds

Sanitize telephones

Remove Cobwebs

Vacuum all rugs

Dispose of Trash

Clean fingerprints on glass/furniture

Dust and wipe down desk areas

Clean inside of door jams

Dust all lamps & lampshades

Dust wall furnishings

Clean inside/outside of entrance doors/metal

Empty and damp wipe all ashtrays

Return furniture to an orderly fashion

Sanitize trash cans

Clean Building Directory Board

Straighten any reading material

Wipe down all magazines & card holders

Clean light switch covers

Sanitize doorknobs, door handles & push-plates

Clean inside and outside of all doors


All-Purpose Bathrooms Cleanings:

Sweep/Mop entire area

Sanitize commodes and seats

Ensure hand towel dispensers are filled

Dust wall furnishings

Remove splash marks from walls

Sanitize lavatory fixtures, sinks, knobs,& chrome work

Clean/Disinfect basins & showers

Ensure soap dispensers are filled

Dispose of Trash

Clean all mirrors and frames

Ensure tissue paper dispensers are adequate

Ensure all dispensers are properly cleaned

Wipe down and sanitize bathroom stall doors


All-Purpose Kitchen/ Lounge Cleanings:

Mop entire area

Ensure paper towel dispensers are filled

Clean and vacuum chairs

Sanitize sinks, knobs & chrome work

Sanitize any other kitchen appliances

Wipe down counter surfaces

Ensure all dispensers are properly cleaned

Sanitize coffee pot

Dispose of Trash

Ensure soap dispensers are filled

Clean inside and outside of microwave

Sanitize toaster

Sanitize all telephones


Additional Tasks:

Buffing Stripping, & Waxing Floors

Lawn Maintenance

Snow & Ice Removal

Warehouse Cleaning

VCT Tile Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Linoleum Cleaning

Terrazzo Cleaning

Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Relocation Assistance (move in/out)

Construction clean up (move in/out)