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Photo of man cleaning carpet with an industrial carpet cleaner.Maid American Style is so much more than just another maid service or house cleaner! We provide a full range of cleaning services to get your home sparkling from top to bottom, including carpet cleaning. Designed to ensure you and your family or employees enjoy the cleanest, safest indoor environment, our professional carpet cleaning services are completely green and totally effective. So why settle for a cleaning company that can only do the job halfway? Contact Maid American Style for routine house cleaning services, in-depth carpet cleaning, and so much more!

Did you realize that regular vacuuming only cleans up particulates left in the top layers of your carpeting? That means, even though you frequently run the vacuum, dirt and grime builds up deep in your carpets. Over time, dust, dust mites, pollen, dander, mold spores, bacteria, and other contaminants can all accumulate in your carpet without you realizing it. This gunk can keep your carpets looking dingy and grungy, but it can also impact indoor air quality and make your family or staff sick! But the solution is easy: call Maid American Style for professional carpet cleaning. We'll remove all of this built-up grime to get your carpets looking fresh and your building clean and safe again ASAP.

At Maid American Style, our carpet cleaning service uses only Green Seal Certified products. Safe for you, your pets, and the environment, our carpet cleaners are not flammable, corrosive, carcinogenic, or otherwise toxic in any way. By utilizing a green carpet and rug cleaning system, we can ensure all embedded contaminants are completely removed from your carpeting in a way that does not damage your carpets or degrade the health environment of your building. After all, what's the point of eliminating pollutants in your carpets if the carpet cleaning process introduces new pathogens! Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, Maid American Style provides you with the safe, green carpet cleaning services you can rely on to provide a healthy deep-down clean that lets your carpeting shine like new!

We provide both residential and commercial carpet cleaning, so no matter whether you're a homeowner or a business manager, we can help. Specializing in both spot cleaning and full carpet and rug cleaning, we're here for you no matter what your specific cleaning needs. If you've noticed your carpeting isn't looking too hot anymore or you're concerned about the health of your building and its occupants, professional carpet cleaning service can make certain your carpets are clean and safe. Maid American Style is your answer for cleaner-looking carpeting and a healthier home or work environment. Have questions about green carpet cleaning and your property? Pick up the phone or send us an e-mail--our professional carpet cleaners would love to help.