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Green Cleaning Services

Did you know that traditional cleaning products largely contain harmful toxins and chemicals? Corrosive and carcinogenic, these cleaning solvents are terrible for the environment, but they’re equally dangerous to you and your family or employees. That’s why Maid American Style offers you green cleaning services; seeking to provide you with the safe, reliable maid service, home cleaning, home health care cleaning service or office cleaning service you deserve. Our professionals use Green Seal Certified® products, which won’t leave behind toxic residues or cause health problems for you. In addition to using green cleaning products, we employ specific equipment to make certain that your home or workspace receives a deep-down clean for the highest levels of health and safety. From HEPA vacuums to microfiber dusting cloths, the cleaning services at Maid American Style will provide you with a consistently clean, livable environment.

Maid American Style is a residential cleaning and commercial cleaning service with corporate office in Manassas, Virginia. We bring our maid service, office cleaning service, and maid service, house cleaning, home cleaning expertise to customers throughout the entire region. Our professionals travel to towns throughout northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., including Oakton, McLean, Springfield, Arlington, McLean, Vienna, Alexandria, Burke, Woodbridge, VA, Georgetown, Adams Morgan, DuPont Circle, DC, Bethesda, MD, and Prince George’s County, MD. When you’re in the market for professional cleaning services, we’re the team you want on your side. We’ll provide you with unbeatable customer service, keen attention to detail, and affordable rates. If you want a reliable pet cleaning, window cleaning, or carpet cleaning service, you can count on us to deliver honest, efficient work for every single job.


Green Cleaning Solution:

Cleaning products are everywhere in our homes and offices: on dishes, countertops, furniture, clothes, floors, windows, and floating through the air. In our war on dirt and germs we may often actually be making things worse.Most of the conventional cleaning products we all grew up with are petroleum-based and have dubious health and environmental implications. Instead of opting for cleaning products that annihilate everything in their path, there are plenty of natural products and methods that keep a house clean and fresh-smelling without the toxic side effects.


Employ green cleaning products

As the health and environmental impacts of conventional cleaning products become more thoroughly understood, more and more brands of healthy, green, and effective cleaning products have started hitting the market and competing for that coveted place of honor under your sink. Many of these products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and made from renewable resources (not petroleum). But if designer labels aren’t for you, home-mixed cleaners can get the job done and then some. Vinegar and baking soda can be used to clean almost anything. Mix in a little warm water with either of these and you’ve got yourself an all-purpose cleaner.


Avoid poor indoor air quality

It is not uncommon for the air inside a home or office to be more toxic than the air outside. This is because of the presence of toxic materials and substances and the fact that homes and buildings are better insulated than ever before (which is a good thing from an energy standpoint). Keeping windows open as often as possible allows fresh air in and keeps toxins flowing out. This is especially important when cleaning your home.


Be careful with antibacterial cleaners

The antibacterial and antimicrobial 'cleaners' that many people think are necessary, especially during cold season, don’t clean hands better than soap and water, and also add to the risk of breeding "super germs," bacteria that survive the chemical onslaught and have resistant offspring. The FDA has found that antibacterial soaps and hand cleansers do not work better than regular soap and water, and should be avoided.